Paper Food Combo - 12 oz. - 250 pcs.

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Paper Takeout Soup/Food combo containers. 8 OZ. 250 pcs. in a case. 

 This SOLO KHB16A-2050 Flexstyle disposable 8 oz. white double-sided poly paper food container with lid is suitable for transporting, serving, and storing cold food items and hot food items up to 205 degrees F. The container and lid have a polyethylene coating on both sides for resistance to leaking, moisture penetration, and condensation. The spiral wound lid seals the container to slow loss of heat from the container's contents, and is vented to allow steam to escape for resistance to buildup of steam pressure within the container. The container has a glossy exterior finish for resistance to smudging, a wide formed rim for rigidity and durability, is 3.9" high, and has a 3.9" diameter.

Disposable foodservice products are used to store, insulate, transport, prepare, and serve food and drink. They may be made of paper, plastics, or metal foil. Food service products for freezing items protect their contents from freezer burn, contamination, and drying.